Ignorance makes you more ignorant!

I was working on a personal project for creating an online post-it like application using Jquery, JSF and google Apps..

The idea was to have a text area where user can type and notes will be saved automatically through ajax calls..

Then I thought to add the draggable feature to make it look better, with little effort made I it work to only learn that the draggable feature will not  work on the dynamically created DIVs. Googled a lot and found a work around and made it work..

The previous issue was fixed to land on this new one -  Draggable did not work on text area!  I added borders to DIV so that the user knows where to drag (I know it's crappy!)

After making that work, I thought an in place editor will make the app look better i.e, the text area will be enabled only when it is focussed, other wise it will be disabled…Am no expert in Jquery, all that I saw did not reach me…I was totally frustrated and was in need of a break very badly...

With some hopes, came back and googled to see this HTML 5 attribute contentEditable (http://html5demos.com/contenteditable/) ..sweet, all my issues vanished in no time.
A DIV can be edited directly in HTML5!

1. Ignorance makes you more ignorant :(
2. Googling will help you overcome your ignorance :)

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